Early Morning Joy Ritual (EMJR)

What was the first thing you thought about this morning when you woke up?

How grateful were you within the first 15 minutes of today?

Did you avoid reading, watching or listening to anything this morning when you first woke up?

All great questions as we begin a new section of the book which is themed “Guarding Your Heart….Defending Your Joy“.  Our author shares eight questions, some of which I’ve listed above, under what he defines as our “early morning joy ritual or EMJR…”.

Homework this week is chapter 7 “Your Personal Firewall”.  Jason Schubert leads us this week as we gather at the Cornwell Center.  We’ll start things off at 7:45 am but you’re encouraged to show up a few minutes early to catch up with others in fellowship!



Stop messing with me….!

I love the chapter for this week….titled “Head Games” (Chapter 6).  Like many of you, we’ve had periods of our life where that little voice inside our head keeps saying…”you can’t”…..and for the larger part of our life, we focus on telling that voice, “I can….”.

How many can relate?

I remember … when I was younger and twenty pounds lighter….I loved to compete in triathlons, especially the longer distance ones….half-Ironman and full-Ironman distance events.  The sequence for those races was typically SWIM….then BIKE….then RUN.  I usually finished middle of the pack during the swim, since swimming was not my strength.  But then on the bike, I would make up a lot of time, picking off other competitors as I raced passed them.

Then….and luck would have it, I would lose a lot of time on the run……just simply wasn’t my favorite event.

Looking back now, however, I think I might have done better had I not listened to the voice in my head saying “you’ll never win this race on the run…..”.

Head games…..all the time!

Our author this week correlates how thinking negative thoughts translates into our failures to follow the 4:8 Principle.  In reading the chapter, you’ll discover, and I did….how to not only notice these “voices”, but also how to tackle them once and for all!

We’re back at the Cornwell Center this week.  Rob Miller leads us for our lesson.

Gather at 7:30 am.  Lesson starts at 7:45 am.



Happy Holy Week!  Happy to meet with the FMMF Charlotte group this Friday…..GOOD Friday!  Since our regular meeting location at the Cornwell Center will be closed for the holiday, we will be meeting at Mike’s house…..backyard among the chickens and Mother Nature!

Address is:  1609 Sterling Road

Coffee and biscuits will be provided!  We’ll either gather in the treehouse or around the firepit….weather dependent.

Jason Schubert leads us this week….Chapter 5 of our study of “The 4:8 Principle“.  This chapter is titled, “You Make Me So Mad!”…..can’t wait for that discussion!

As mentioned last week, the chapters a starting to get a little longer so don’t wait until the night before to do your reading!

See everyone on Friday.  Park on the street or in the driveway and come directly to the backyard through the gate at the end of the driveway.  Gather starting at 7:30 am.  Jason starts the lesson around 7:45 am.


Time for the Report Card….

We’re off to the next section of our study of “The 4:8 Principle”.  Previously, our author explained the importance of have a joy-filled life.  Recall….”joy is an outward sign of inward faith in the promises of God.”

So, if you’ve got that part dialed in, the next section describes how we super-charge our potential for joy by building a godly self-concept.  Perhaps those are a lot of big words….but in layman’s terms, our author outlines eight areas for focus in order to super-charge our joy.  Read through these eight areas in preparation for our discussion this week on Chapter 4.  The author even encourages us to assign a letter grade in the book’s margin beside each area.

Mike leads us this week.  Keep in mind that this is the “Friday before Good Friday”.  As a group, we’ll decide if we’ll meet next week or not.  This week, we’re on for The Cornwell Center….but next Friday, 4/19, the center will be closed.  But we have a few choices still….

See you this Friday at The Cornwell Center.  Gather at 7:30 am.  Mike will begin this week’s lesson promptly at 7:45 am.


Big Circus Elephants

This week’s homework assignment, Chapter 3 of our study of The 4:8 Principle, starts out with a great analogy!  Little elephants and big elephants.  I won’t spoiler the conclusion, but you’ll love the story!

What in your life is limiting your boundaries?  Are there stakes (or mistakes) from your past anchoring you down?

Rob Miller is back in the helm this week to steer the ship.  Much of the focus in this week’s chapter is about an “inner-focus”; realizing that we are uniquely made; each of us is God’s own masterpiece!

Kinda makes you wonder if you paid enough attend in elementary school art classes, right?

See you this Friday!  Gather at 7:30 am.  Lesson starts at 7:45 am.



Thinking Positively…..

This week, we’re reading Chapter 2 of our new series, “The 4:8 Principle“.  Our author talks about the importance of “thinking positively”….every day!  And conversely, he shares the “anti’-positively thinking” and it’s impact.

When thinking positively, our author refers to it as “Asking the 4:8 Questions”:

  • What are the five things I am thankful for right now?
  • What are five of my strengths or positive traits?
  • What are five of my best achievements so far?
  • Who are the five people who love me the most?
  • What five things am I looking forward to in the next seven days?

Jason Schubert leads us this week and will talk about “Asking the 4:8 Questions” and more.  Reminder that we’re back at The Cornwell Center.  Please gather starting at 7:30 am in the front parlor room.  We’ll start our weekly lesson at 7:45 am.

Lastly, don’t forget to sign up for one or two Friday’s to lead the weekly lesson.  You can find the volunteer sheet at this LINK.

See you then!

New Series Introduction: “The 4:8 Principle: The Secret to a Joy-Filled Life”

Welcome to a new series:  The 4:8 Principle by Tommy Newberry!

The FMMF plan for this series will take us about 10-11 weeks, covering a chapter per week.  As before, we’ll look for men from the group to volunteer to lead a week or two.  Mike will kick the new series off this week, covering the book’s Introduction and Chapter 1.  Please read those two sections as your “homework“.

Don’t have the book yet?  Not to worry.  CLICK this link to get a PDF version of this week’s homework.

SignUp Genius for weekly leaders is LIVE at this LINK.

Also, we’ll meet at The Flying Biscuit Cafe in Park Road Shopping Center for this week’s meeting.  Please gather starting at 7:30 am.  First one there gets to grab a table!

This will be a great series.  I’ll see you this Friday!


And That’s a Wrap!

Nearly 40 chapters ago, we started down the path of our current series, “Act Like Men” by James MacDonald, with the marching orders:

“Be watchful.  Stand firm in the faith.  Act like men.  Be strong.  Let all that you do be done in love.”

So how have we measured up?  Are we being watchful?  Are we standing firm in the faith?

Are we acting like men?

Our series wraps up this Friday when Rob Miller will cover chapters 39 and 40.  Take special note of MacDonald’s emphasis on “love” in chapter 39.

For me, the final chapter was most profound.  MacDonald calls for us not to live out our Christian lives as a way to say “thank you” for Christ’s resurrection and the promise of everlasting life.  Sure, that might be true.  However, it’s more material to me when MacDonald explains that our true role is to allow Christ to take up residence in our bodies by the Holy Spirit and living out His resurrected life in everything we do.

Certainly more easier said than done!

Looking ahead, we’ve chosen our next study as “The 4:8 Principle” by Tommy Newhouse.  Order the book ahead of time.  We’ll plan to meet next Friday, 3/22 at The Flying Biscuit in Park Road Shopping Center at 7:30 am to kick-off the new series.  (I’ll share a reminder next week as well.)

As for this week, we’re on our normal schedule; gather at The Cornwell Center starting at 7:30 am.  Rob will start this week’s lesson at 7:45 am.


The lies we tell……

Right out of the gate this week, our author shares a story about John Rambo….you know….”Rambo“!  Now, if that doesn’t get you excited about FMMF-Charlotte, then I don’t know what will.

Homework this week is to read chapters 37 and 38.  We’re in the final stretch as next week will wrap up the current book series!  This week, we’ll also briefly decide on our next planned study, so bring any ideas you might have.  (I’ve gotten a couple so far.)

Rob Miller is back in the saddle this week, leading us in this week’s discussion.  There’s a great series of passages in the first chapter that I’ll bring to your attention.  Our author lists out several lies that he’s heard from men over the years:

  • Nobody understands the struggles I’m dealing with.
  • I can’t trust anyone.  Total honesty will be used against me.
  • If someone tries to get close to me, they just want something.
  • People like me but they don’t really know me.  I can’t risk self-disclosure.
  • I’ve seen Christians kick a guy when he is down.  No thanks.
  • Christian men are weak, crying and confessing.  Oh please!
  • If I really face my secrets, the dam will burst and I will lose it.
  • What if I make myself know and the other guys won’t reciprocate?

How do we tackle lies when they come our way?  Pay attention to the timely response our author shares…..”timely” in that he shares the examples where Jesus was tempted for 40-days in the desert…..Welcome to the season of Lent!

Gather on Friday at the Cornwell Center beginning at 7:30 am.  Rob will kick our lesson off at 7:45 am.


I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends….

There are many days where I love solitude around my house…..don’t we all?

But more times than not, I need the community of friends, family and neighbors around me.  There’s accountability and fellowship in those times.  “No man is an island”, right….unless we choose that path….?

This week, we’re on the home stretch of our book.  Homework is to read chapters 35-36.  Our author will share a comparison of Biblical characters who chose to do things “solo” versus those who sought the community of many.

John Ramey leads us this week.  Please come early, starting at 7:30 am, if you can….to enjoy the fellowship and community.  John will begin our lesson at 7:45 am.

See you then!