And That’s a Wrap!

Nearly 40 chapters ago, we started down the path of our current series, “Act Like Men” by James MacDonald, with the marching orders:

“Be watchful.  Stand firm in the faith.  Act like men.  Be strong.  Let all that you do be done in love.”

So how have we measured up?  Are we being watchful?  Are we standing firm in the faith?

Are we acting like men?

Our series wraps up this Friday when Rob Miller will cover chapters 39 and 40.  Take special note of MacDonald’s emphasis on “love” in chapter 39.

For me, the final chapter was most profound.  MacDonald calls for us not to live out our Christian lives as a way to say “thank you” for Christ’s resurrection and the promise of everlasting life.  Sure, that might be true.  However, it’s more material to me when MacDonald explains that our true role is to allow Christ to take up residence in our bodies by the Holy Spirit and living out His resurrected life in everything we do.

Certainly more easier said than done!

Looking ahead, we’ve chosen our next study as “The 4:8 Principle” by Tommy Newhouse.  Order the book ahead of time.  We’ll plan to meet next Friday, 3/22 at The Flying Biscuit in Park Road Shopping Center at 7:30 am to kick-off the new series.  (I’ll share a reminder next week as well.)

As for this week, we’re on our normal schedule; gather at The Cornwell Center starting at 7:30 am.  Rob will start this week’s lesson at 7:45 am.



The lies we tell……

Right out of the gate this week, our author shares a story about John Rambo….you know….”Rambo“!  Now, if that doesn’t get you excited about FMMF-Charlotte, then I don’t know what will.

Homework this week is to read chapters 37 and 38.  We’re in the final stretch as next week will wrap up the current book series!  This week, we’ll also briefly decide on our next planned study, so bring any ideas you might have.  (I’ve gotten a couple so far.)

Rob Miller is back in the saddle this week, leading us in this week’s discussion.  There’s a great series of passages in the first chapter that I’ll bring to your attention.  Our author lists out several lies that he’s heard from men over the years:

  • Nobody understands the struggles I’m dealing with.
  • I can’t trust anyone.  Total honesty will be used against me.
  • If someone tries to get close to me, they just want something.
  • People like me but they don’t really know me.  I can’t risk self-disclosure.
  • I’ve seen Christians kick a guy when he is down.  No thanks.
  • Christian men are weak, crying and confessing.  Oh please!
  • If I really face my secrets, the dam will burst and I will lose it.
  • What if I make myself know and the other guys won’t reciprocate?

How do we tackle lies when they come our way?  Pay attention to the timely response our author shares…..”timely” in that he shares the examples where Jesus was tempted for 40-days in the desert…..Welcome to the season of Lent!

Gather on Friday at the Cornwell Center beginning at 7:30 am.  Rob will kick our lesson off at 7:45 am.


I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends….

There are many days where I love solitude around my house…..don’t we all?

But more times than not, I need the community of friends, family and neighbors around me.  There’s accountability and fellowship in those times.  “No man is an island”, right….unless we choose that path….?

This week, we’re on the home stretch of our book.  Homework is to read chapters 35-36.  Our author will share a comparison of Biblical characters who chose to do things “solo” versus those who sought the community of many.

John Ramey leads us this week.  Please come early, starting at 7:30 am, if you can….to enjoy the fellowship and community.  John will begin our lesson at 7:45 am.

See you then!


“What’s Love Got to Do With It…..?”

Who else goes back to Tina Turner whenever you hear the question….”What’s love got to do (with it)…?”  Admittedly, I do!  High school, I believe.

This week, we’re launching into our final section of the book.  For the next 8 chapters we’ll be discussing the theme “do everything in love”.

I was thinking today about something.  If I were to ask you, “Do you love what you do?”, you’d probably start telling me the good and bad about your job, right?  But what if I were to ask, “Do you love…..<pause>……what you do?”.  How would you then respond?

The difference between the first and the second questions is subtle.  I would argue, however, that the second one, when the paused in placed, asks more of the question of “do you LOVE whatever you are doing….?”

John Ramey leads us this week as we tackle chapters 33 and 34.  Lots to unpack this week, so come early, enjoy some fellowship starting at 7:30 am, and get buckled in by 7:45 am, ready to go!


Strength means….Confess….then Repent!

This morning I went on an early morning run around one of the local golf courses in our neighborhood.  My plan was to run the cart paths that traced around the entire 18 hole of the course.  As I was running, enjoying the stillness in the crisp winter air, my mind started thinking about all the things I needed to get done today.  My ambitions of running the longer distance waned away when I turned the bend around the 9th green.  Sadly, I caved and headed back home after only accomplishing “half” of what I had set out to do!  Ugh!

This week’s lesson might incur similar thoughts from you.  Have you ever started something “grand” only the get half of it accomplished?  Humor me and admit that I’m not alone in my earlier morning short-coming today!  As you read through this week’s homework, Chapters 31-31, listen the the author’s message about “confession”.  If we only “confess” but do not truthfully “repent”, then we’ve likewise only accomplished half of what God has instructed us to do.

Hmmmmm…..more on that this week as our weekly leader, Rob Miller, will guide us in our discussions.  This is the wrap up for our current theme of “Be Strong”.  Next week, we’ll start the final theme of the book, “Do Everything in Love”.

See you this Friday at 7:30 am at The Cornwell Center.  Rob will kick things off promptly at 7:45 am.


David stepped in it …. and it didn’t disappear quietly!

We’re over half-way through the current section theme of “Be Strong”.  This week’s lesson will come from reading chapters 29 and 30.  In both chapters, the consequences of King David’s behavior is discussed.

To put it lightly, David really “stepped in it….” and the more he tried to hide his bad decisions, the more things worse.

In my backyard, we have chickens….who can be very messy animals.  When you accidentally step in their poop….you’d better be mindful that you don’t track that into the house.  Trust me…..I know!

Focus this week on the story of David and the moral fences that our author describes.  Mike leads us again this week.

See you at 7:30 am in fellowship.  Lesson starts at 7:45 am.  Cornwell Center.


Sampson’s Haircut is only Part of the Story…..

We’re continuing on with “Be Strong” as our theme for the next several chapters.  This week’s homework is to read chapters 27 and 28.

Our author tells a great story about Sampson.  Growing up, I knew of this Biblical character, “Sampson”, as a dude who had massive strength…but when his hair was cut, he lost all his powers.

Well…..that’s sorta the G-rated version of the story.  I won’t give away the plot line, but you’ll understand more when you read this week’s chapters.

Mike leads us this Friday.  Ironically enough, I’m told he rescheduled his haircut appointment for next week.

Coincidence?  Maybe.

See you on Friday.  Gather at 7:30 am at The Cornwell Center.  Lesson starts at 7:45 am.


Being Strong…!

New section of our series this week called “Be Strong“.  If you’re like me, you probably immediately thought about physical strength.  The author, ever-so colorful, opens up chapter 25 with a visual of ESPN’s World’s Strongest Man competition.  But, truthfully, as MacDonald goes on to say, “being strong” is not about how much you can bench press, stairs you can climb, or the number of Ironman triathlons you’ve finished.  How so?

I won’t give away the entire messages for this week’s homework, chapters 25 and 26.  But our author is very real and somewhat graphic as he explains men’s downfalls when it comes to sexual impurity.  And at the end of the day, MacDonald says we don’t need to be strong enough to battle these urges that all men face.  We only have to lean on Jesus who is the ultimate “strongest man” of all time!

Good stuff this week, men.  Jason Schubert will lead us in the discussions.

Gather at 7:30 am.  “Buckle up” by 7:45 am.  Cornwell Center location.


Keep Your Eyes on the Road Ahead

This week, we’re “flying” into the next two chapters (21-22) AND meeting at the Flying Biscuit for fellowship!  Like that “play” on words….??

Our author tells one story this week about riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle and taking his eyes off a truck in front of him for what seemed like a brief moment.  CRASH!!!!  Can we relate to this in our daily lives?  How are we keeping focused on what our Heavenly Father has told us to do?

Jason Schubert leads us this week.  We’ll discuss this and more over biscuits and gravy….!  Meet at The Flying Biscuit in the Park Road shopping center around 7:30 am.

See you then!


Do I Have Your Attention Now?

Last week, we kicked off the latest section of our study of “Act Like Men” with the theme of “Stand Firm in the Faith”.  Recall the analogy of digging in your cleats….the singular protruding cleat located at the top of the bottom-side of the shoe, allows football players (especially linemen) to really…”dig in”.

And this week we’re transitioning to answering the questions about “why do we need to dig in”?

Well…..crisis is coming, according to our author.  And for us men, somethings that crisis is what’s necessary to get our attention.  And with that attention grabbing….God gives us clarity.

Ironically, my wife and I are teaching a Sunday school class this coming weekend to a group of 8th graders with the topic of “why to bad things happen to good people“.  I think there’s some parallels to this week’s homework, Chapters 19 and 20, that will help with this weekend’s audience of 8th graders as well.

So, read the short chapters in advance of Friday’s gathering at The Cornwell Center.  Mike leads us again this week, due to Rob’s surgery on Friday.  Please keep Brother Rob in your thoughts and prayers!

See you tomorrow…..7:30 am to gather; 7:45 am start time.