Mark Maynard Visits FMMF Charlotte This Week!

The Friday Morning Men’s group in Charlotte is honored to welcome Leadership Ministries president, Mark Maynard, to our FMMF this coming Friday, OCT 4th.  Among his various roles as president, Mark oversees five Friday Morning Men’s Fellowship (FMMF) programs including three in Atlanta, one in Nashville, and of course, our Charlotte location.  In addition, Mark is focused on Leadership Ministries mission statement that reads:

“Our mission, at Leadership Ministries, for more than 30 years, has been to address the strategic need in our culture to develop male leadership. Each week hundreds of men gather to be encouraged and equipped to lead in the primary institutions of society – marriage, family and business. I invite you to strengthen your leadership skills by joining us at a location near you.”  

—Mark Maynard

We invite you to join Mark and the FMMF Charlotte team this Friday at The Cornwell Center.  Come if you’ve been a regular attendee, if it’s been a while since you’ve come, or if you’ve never come at all…..all are welcome!

Beyond Mark’s lesson this week, Mike Lenhart will briefly introduce our next planned study series, “Act Like Men” by James MacDonald.  The new series will begin next Friday, OCT 12th.  Order you book ahead of time at the FMMF Charlotte Resources page:

FMMF Charlotte meets every Friday in the front parlor room of The Cornwell Center.  Gather beginning at 7:30 am.  Our weekly lesson kicks off at 7:45 am, and we wrap-up by 8:30 am.

See you then!





JOTL Lesson 2: “For the Unborn or for the Poor?”

This week’s chapter takes us, perhaps, to a little bit of a lightning rod of issues; the polarization that happens whenever we try to define the “sanctity of life”.  Lots of opinions on this one.  And our dialog should be engaging.

But the purpose of this chapter, as well as the others, is to reveal “what does our Heavenly Father say?”.  And with that in mind, let’s continue to dig through our topics, determining where Jesus is….outside the lines!

Thanks to Jason Schubert for stepping in at the last minute to lead last week’s kickoff and Chapter 1.  Mike returns this week to lead us in Chapter 2.

We’ll see you on Friday.  7:30 am to gather; 7:45 am, ready to go!



Easter Blessings

It was Wednesday of Holy Week where Judas Iscariot made a bargain for 30 pieces of silver to betray Christ.  This was predestined, of course.  And our FMMF Charlotte group knows this based on our recent study!

In some countries, like Poland, children throw effigies of Judas from the tops of churches, dragging them through the streets, while beating them with sticks and stones.

Wednesday of Holy Week also signifies, according to some, when Jesus was anointed by an expensive jar of alabaster by an unnamed woman in Bethany in the home of Simon the leper.

And so….the final days leading up to Christ’s fulfillment of His promise begin….

As a reminder, we’re off until Friday, April 13th when we’ll gather to start our next study:  “Jesus Outside the Lines

Please order your book today so you’re ready for our first lesson on the 13th.  Mike will lead that initial “kick off” of the new series.

Have a blessed Easter weekend and Spring Break!


FMMF Charlotte Service Project Dates….reminder!

We’ve picked two dates in October to “give back” to the Charlotte community; both are builds with Habitat Charlotte in the Grier Heights neighborhood.

Jason Schubert is already signed up for the OCT 7th date (this coming Saturday) and Mike Lenhart is registered for the OCT 28th date.

Information on registering is shown below.  The lead organization on both days is Myers Park Presbyterian Church, but all are welcome!

Search by Group Number – 1911

Sat 10/07 is Drywall 8:00 am – 4:00 pm (so far we only have 3 confirmed volunteers and are looking for 12 more)

Sat 10/28 is Finishing Crew/Touch-ups 12:30 pm -4:00 pm



Potential FMMF Charlotte Service Project…..let’s talk about it this week!

Jason Schubert brought up a great suggestion today that our FMMF Charlotte team consider volunteering for an upcoming Habitat Charlotte build day in Grier Heights.

The current build in run through Myers Park Presbyterian Church’s Outreach Ministry and here’s the volunteering dates available:

I know it’s a very busy season for all of us….school, scouts, athletics, work, family……

Let’s discuss this Friday!

There are Saturday and Sunday dates available….we might want to consider a weekend date in October.