It’s a Wrap…..Time for Fellowship!

This week marks the end of several things….FMMF Charlotte, related:

Hopefully you’ve read the final chapter in our current study, Hidden Christmas by Rev. Tim Keller.  In this last chapter you’ll find Keller’s summary of the book, through the eyes of God’s grace, the promise of salvation, the endless possibilities of fellowship with the Father, and the lesson of Jesus’ impact through ordinary means.  Hopefully, your study of this book has put you into a unique Christmas “spirit” like never before!  Thanks again to Jon Paschal for recommending this study.

This week also brings the end of another calendar year….and a wonderful year of study for FMMF Charlotte.  Whether you’ve come for just a couple weeks, or have been a weekly attendee, FMMF welcomes your contributions, your questions, your commitments.  So, let’s take time this week in simple “fellowship” to honor each other and honor what we’ve learned this year.  As a reminder, this Friday’s FMMF will be in Uptown at The Community Matters Cafe, 821 W. 1st Street, Charlotte, NC 28202


We have a table reserved for 10 people at 7:45 am under “Lenhart”.  

I look forward to seeing you Friday morning, gathering in fellowship!


Hard Work…and Often Times Painful!

We’re on the final stretch this week in our book, “Hidden Christmas” by Tim Keller.  This week’s homework is to read chapters 7 and 8.

We discovered last week that there’s a lot of meat in the chapters so if you’re running short on time, at least get chapter 7 done.  Very likely that we’ll use next week to wrap up the book with a discussion on chapter 8.

The “plot” this week involves Joseph and Mary taking Jesus to the temple for circumcision.  An old man, who had been waiting on the Messiah, says to Mary:

“This child is destined to cause the falling and rising of many in Israel, and to be a sign that will be spoken against, so that the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed.  And a sword will pierce your own soul too.”

Luke 2:33-35

As you’ll dig into the text, you’ll see how God’s plan is that there will be some hard times, painful ones in fact, which lead to eventual peace.  Pay close attention to the analogies about the surgeon and the counselor.

Time permitting, we’ll wrap up the book with a discussion on chapter 8, where the author explains “So what’s Christmas all about anyway?”

Mike will be leading this week.

Meet at the Cornwell Center ready to go by 7:45 am.



(There’s) Something About Mary…..

Truthfully, the movie, “There’s Something About Mary“, starring Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller, is probably not one that fully aligns with our topic this week….with the focus on Mary, mother of Jesus.  But there really is “something” about (that) Mary that we’ll discuss this week.

Our author shares some great dialog about Mary’s faith.  She had so much to lose, it seems.  But blindly or not, she does not question God’s calling to her to be the mother of our Savior.

Homework this week is Chapters 5 and 6 from “Hidden Christmas”.  Rob Miller leads us this week.  Can’t wait to hear what he has cooked up!

Chapter 5 will discuss Mary.  Chapter 6 discusses the shepherds perspective.  What’s the common thread between these two chapters? ….. “How they responded to God’s calling….

As we storm ahead towards our own “hidden Christmas”, ask yourself “how and I responding…..?

Gather normal time at the Cornwell Center.  Rob will kick things off at 7:45 am.


Being Thankful……

Quick reminder that FMMF Charlotte will not meet this week, since many will be spending the Thanksgiving holiday with family/friends.

We’ll pick back up on our current series, Hidden Christmas by Tim Keller, next Friday, DEC 6th per normal.  Rob Miller will lead us next week, covering chapters 5 & 6 of the book.  #nuggetsalert

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.  God’s blessings always!


New Study Series….New Light!

Welcome to a new FMMF Charlotte study series that we’ll kick off this week….”Hidden Christmas” by Timothy Keller.  A very timely and interesting study that will span just 4 weeks, leading us right into the Christmas season!  I can’t wait.


Now, if you’re wondering about this study and might be confused by an earlier announcement of another study series….well, we’re putting that one on hold for just a little bit.  As a group, we want to focus and get our minds “right” for celebrating the birth of our Savior!  Tim Keller has just the recipe!

This week, I’ll introduce the book and would ask that everyone read the book’s Introduction, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.  Our author starts out boldly proclaiming the words from Matthew’s Gospel, cross-referencing Isaiah 9:2:

“the people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.”

Matthew 4:16

The overall premise of the book is that our celebration of Christmas has become more and more secular over the years.  Children, as one example, might ask adults, “What is meant by ‘angels we have heard on high’ ..” when walking through the malls adorned with festive ribbons, evergreen wreaths, and Santa Claus.  It’s no coincidence that our author reminds us of the importance of the birth of Jesus by speaking of “light” in an otherwise darkened world.

We’re looking for leaders to pick up any of the next three lessons….visit our FMMF Charlotte Signup Genius at this LINK

Gather this Friday at the Cornwell Center at 7:30 am.  Lesson starts at 7:45 am!  See you then!  Bring a (new) friend to join us this Advent season!


Judas: Choosing the Easier Wrong over the Harder Right

My good friend and fellow FMMF Charlotte participant, John Paschal, will agree with the title of this week’s reminder.  Back when John and I were classmates at West Point, we learned early about West Point’s line in the sand when it comes to questions of moral integrity:  “Always choose the harder right over the easier wrong”.

When I think about the subject of this week’s final lesson from “12 Ordinary Men”, I have often wondered if Judas struggled in his mind about the decisions he would be making.  Did he ever quarral with himself asking, “should I take the harder right…or the easier wrong?”  From a human perspective, Judas had the same amount of potential as all the others we’ve studied.  So how did things STILL go wrong for him?

There’s a lesson, naturally, in the story of Judas for us today.  I think many of us are often faced with similar decisions….monthly, weekly, ….. even daily!

I’ll wrap up our study of 12 Ordinary Men this Friday.  Recall, that I asked everyone which disciple you mostly identified with before reading the book.  Now, I’ll ask again and it will be interesting to see if anyone has changed their mind.

See you Friday at 7:30 am at the Cornwell Center.  Lesson starts at 7:45 am!


Are you Sunny?

Inside joke, perhaps.

I’ve been asking our men on Friday morning’s about their individual “weather forecasts”….Are you feeling sunny today?  Partly cloudy? Or maybe rainy?

It’s a rainy week currently in Charlotte but supposed to clear up by Friday….Regardless, we’re meeting to cover the second-to-last chapter in our book: Chapter 9 “James – the less; Simon – the zealot; and Judas (not Iscariot) – the apostle with three names”.

Next week, our final week, we’ll cover Judas, the traitor.

So, back to this week, however, we’ll discover that the three apostles in this final group seem to be less intimate with Christ than the other eight we’ve already discussed.  In fact, not much is really written at all about the three men we’ll talk about this week.  But in that lack of information we’ll attempt to connect the dots with many of the clues given by our author.  One conclusion you might reach is the one thing that sets these three men apart from others in the Gospel accounts is the durability of their personal faith.

More on that this Friday as Jonathan Smith takes the reigns to lead this week.

I’ll see you on Friday morning at The Cornwell Center!


Announcing NEXT Study Series: “The Gospel According to God” by John MacArthur

We’re nearing the end of our current study of “Twelve Ordinary Men” which means it’s time to think about “what next”.  Earlier, we talked about the “Jefferson Bible” as a choice, but upon further look that book could be difficult to align along our weekly cadence.  So, Plan B is a different book that ironically is by the same author as our current study.

I’ve circulated around the suggestion to several men in our group and the feedback appears unanimous as “let’s do it”.  So, without further delay, please plan on “The Gospel According to God” as our next study!

Here’s one overview of the book, which uses Isaiah 53 as the primary foundation for the study:

“He was pierced for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5

Often hailed as one of the greatest chapters in the Bible, the prophecy of the suffering servant in Isaiah 53 foretells the crucifixion of Jesus, the central event in God’s ultimate plan to redeem the world.

This book explains the prophetic words of Isaiah 53 verse by verse, highlighting important connections to the history of Israel and to the New Testament—ultimately showing us how this ancient prophecy illuminates essential truths that undergird our lives today.

More on this book at this link:

You can order the book through Amazon or other online sites.  Please plan to purchase your book in the next week or so.

We’ll wrap the current series on November 8th.  New series will kick off on November 15th.

Have a great rest of the week!  I’ll see everyone tomorrow morning at the Cornwell Center!


Interesting insights into Matthew and Thomas…

Very excited to tackle this chapter this week….I struggled with calling the title of this week’s reminder blog…”Hatred and Doubt”.

Ironically enough, my church pastor gave a sermon last week on Matthew, the “hated” tax collector.  You’ll be reminded as you read this week of Jesus telling his disciples, “Hey, we’re going to hang with Matthew…and, in fact, we’re going to have dinner with his cohorts and him at Matthew’s home…”


In Chapter 8 this week, “Matthew–The Tax Collector; and Thomas–The Twin” will close out this second group of four with these other lesser-known men. We meet Matthew, perhaps the most hated sinner before his conversion and “Thomas, the Pessimist.” The insights into Thomas’ desperate love for Jesus help us understand that his pessimism was a courageous pessimism, and his moniker, “Doubting Thomas”, is actually quite a bit unfair.

So we have a hated man…and we have another with serious doubts of Jesus’ teaching.  Still scratching your head on how Jesus formed his band of merry men?

John Ramey leads us this week.  Seriously, could I build up this Friday’s FMMF with any more excitement?

Gather at 7:30 am at the Cornwell Center.  John kicks things into gear at 7:45 am.

Have a great rest of the week!

How does your hometown measure up?

Our study this week leads us to Nathanael, aka “Bartholomew“.  Yes….another week, another disciple, another name, I mean, other name!  Nathanael is buddies with Phillip, who we learned about last week.  And this pairing marks the third group of friends:  Simon/Peter and Andrew; James and John; and now, Phillip and Nathanael.

Unique to Nathanael is perhaps that he is already very versed in scripture, especially the Old Testament.  And while he knew the Messiah would be coming, he is somewhat taken back when Phillip comes racing to him one afternoon saying, “We have found Him of whom Moses, in the law, and also the profits, wrote…” (John 1:45)

But, instead of feeling overjoyed and elated, when Nathanael hears where Jesus is from, he’s taken back and says:

“Can anything good come out of Nazareth?”

This week’s lesson peels back onion to reveal this disciple’s deep rooted prejudices.  What’s he got against Nazareth, (or anyone’s hometown) anyway?  I’ve just spent the last two days in our nation’s capital…..and some might ask “what good”…or “what bad” can come out of this busy city!

We’ll take more about prejudices, in a biblical sense, this Friday.  Short reading of Chapter 7: Nathanael – The Guileless One.

Mike leads the conversation about Nathanael.  Join us starting at 7:30 am in fellowship, with the lesson kicking off at 7:45 am.  Meeting location is The Cornwell Center.

Have a great rest of the week!