Talking about “Sin beneath the sin…”

Chapter 6 this week discusses the concept of “heart idols”.  Our author refers to these as simply the “sins beneath the sins”….. deeply rooted idolatry.  Or, better stated, beneath our surface sins are typically heart idols; false gods that have eclipsed our thoughts and affections.

Have you ever seen the picture of an iceberg?  Typically the part of the ice formation that’s above the surface of the ocean is a very small percentage of what’s beneath.  To some degree, the iceberg symbolically represents what our author is describing in this week’s chapter as it relates to underlying sins and heart idolatry.

Jason Schubert leads us this week.  Make sure you read the article called “Heart Idolatry“.  That’s the primary tool for this week’s lesson.

See you at the Cornwell Center around 7:30 am.  Our lesson starts at 7:45 am.



Repentance: More about you….less about me!

Hope everyone enjoyed the “week off” to celebrate the July 4th holiday!  We’re back in fellowship this week, studying Chapter 5 of our series, “Repentance”.

You’ll find as you read this week’s chapter, that our author does a great job explaining many of our faults when we say “I’m sorry…..”.  Often times, our efforts to seek forgiveness are structured to clear our own guilt, but offer no comfort to those we have offended.  We believe we are “in control” and can fix ourselves…..but, as history as proven, this is never the case!

Short reading this week.  Easy to take notes and prepare for the exercise we’ll tackle called “Practicing Repentance”.

Mike leads us this week.  Come early and share stories about what you did on the 4th of July!  Our lesson starts at 7:45 am at the Cornwell Center.